Workout Log App

Workout Log โ€“ Training Journal is the first app of our fitness app collection.

Our training journal makes logging and tracking workout scores a piece of cake!

With our custom design workout creation system, you can quickly and easily create and record your workouts.

On top of that, you have access to a variety of timers and workout analytics.

Our goal with this application was to create an easy-to-follow yet inspiring way to stay on top of your own fitness and really see the progress youโ€™re making!

Workout Log โ€“ Training Journal is currently available for FREE on iOS and Android


Months to Complete

Adobe XD

Design Software


Total Screens Designed


Workout Log App was a multi-use app design for iOS and Android.

There were two primary parts to this design, part 1 being the journaling and workout tracking component, and part two being the workout timer.

The initial design was created in a seven-day period, which then went through three primary iterations to get to the production level.

I went with a rather unique color scheme that focused on one color per workout logging component, which we found not only made it easier for users to follow but also gave a colorful vibrant feeling.


  • 113 Unique Screens

  • 3 Primary Colors

  • 4 Primary Iterations

  • 1 Backend Super Admin Panel