Cool Koalas Club

Cool Koalas Club is a unique project I got to work on.

I was hired to design all the artwork for the NFTs

This project consisted of 9 unique layers with over 90 unique character traits.

When an NFT is minted generally a one-of-a-kind unique image or piece of content is created.

I worked on designing every single layer, ranging from backgrounds to eye and ear styles and accessories.

This project is currently not publicly available, but I have received permission to display and share mockups on this website.


Month to Complete


Design Software


Total Screens Designed


The goal for this project was to design a “cartoon, happy, yet childish” koala bear NFT.

This project was not only very unique on its own, but was also a big learning experience for me as I not only got to design all the artwork but also learn about the creation process for NFT art.

One unique thing about design like this is each item (nose, eyes, accessories, etc) has to be designed and layered separately so that the minting process can be successful.

Overall there were 9 unique layers made with over 10 variations per layer.


  • 9 Unique Layers

  • 5-10 Custom Designs Per Layer

  • 1 Primary Iteration